Ellisons Hogline

During January 1969 the band backed Billy Stewart of "Summertime" and "Sitting In The Park" fame followed by another three week tour in May 1969 backing Inez & Charlie Foxx of "Mockingbird", "Tightrope", "Hurt By Love" fame.
The tour included a live Radio One Club from Birmingham, a festival at Skegness Football Ground, an appearance at La Valbonne in London with Steve Stills in the audience and a show at Annabels in London when both Doris Troy and Billy Preston sang with the band.
The band then went straight to Italy for a season playing the clubs.

Hard work ? How about this -
Tuesday - left Leeds at 5am going to Birmingham for Radio One Club
" " Birmingham at 4pm for a club in Warwick
Wednesday - left Warwick 1am for an "allnighter" with Bob & Earl, Doris Troy in Nottingham, left Nottingham at 5am and drove to Skegness for a lunchtime apppearance.
Left Skegness and drove to London for a two show gig.
Left London at 3am arrived back in Yorkshire for a supposed day off on the Thursday.
Friday - back to London.

Highlights? Went to a party thrown by Roy Tempest and met Freddy King and Howling Wolf. Played a gig in Sunderland and Ray Davies got up to sing.
Played an "all dayer" for Pete Stringfellow in Sheffield with Inez & Charlie Foxx - Pete said it was one of the most memorable gigs in his lifetime.

Recording - there is a demo tape of 4 tracks recorded at Matt Mathias's studio in Huddersfield in 1968 - I could arrange a copy for you.

Photos - none that I'm aware of.

all information supplied by by Brian Duffissey