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The above shot is of Python in 1989, playing a gig at Mr Craig's nightclub in Leeds, as part of the 10th Anniversary celebrations for guitarist friend Bob Deakin's Leeds music shop, Alpha Music.

L-R Dave Malcolm (keyboards/guitar/vocals), Dave Hatfield (drums/vocals), Steve Flemingham (guitar/vocals), Dave Bruce (bass/vocals)

Based in Menston, West Yorkshire, around the core (three Daves) of the 70s Leeds band Hobgoblin, plus Leeds guitarist Steve Flemingham. Sadly the band lasted only for around 6 months. Although the level of musicianship was excellent and Steve's playing greatly complimented and added to, the established sound of the trio, he lived at some distance from the others, making sessions hard to keep up to. Also, over time, the natural width and fullness of Dave Malcolm's technique on keyboards and guitar, left less space for Steve to contribute as fully as he was capable. A great shame, as this band had tremendous potential as a live outfit

information supplied by Dave Bruce


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