A Leeds (essentially Crossgates) based covers band (pop, soul, rock, blues) that gigged the local WMC, pub & youth club scene from '69 - '72. Founder members Bob Deakin and Dave Bruce were at school together at Foxwood Comprehensive School, Seacroft, Leeds. A year or two above them at 'Foxy', were arch-Mods and musos, Phil MacNamara (lead) and Dave Frisby (rhythm); driving force behind the well respected Leeds band of the late 60s, The Zodiacs (link please Pete, if you have one for the Zodiacs), along with the technically excellent drummer Tony Young and bass player Dougie Cliffe. They were the only semi-pro band on the Leeds scene, good and confident enough to be able to cover Good Vibrations, to a high standard.
Images: a gig ticket,
an early business card,
Synners 'Mk I' at the Shaftesbury pub, York Road, Leeds, August '69. L-R: Bob Deakin (lead), Rob Stansfield (rhythm), Glynn...sorry, can't remember your surname Glynn (drums), Dave Bruce (bass)
Synners 'Mk II', May '70 at the Scott Hall Hotel pub, Leeds. L-R: Rob Stansfield, Robin Jaques, Bob Deakin, Dave Bruce.